My Approach


Hands-on Approach to Find the Best Talent

We listen intently. The Dana company partners with our clients to help reduce the risks typically associated with new hires. We take the time to assess your needs, policies and environment, thus identifying the right candidate for the position. We spend time learning from you to ensure we are identifying appropriate candidates who will seamlessly work within your company culture.

Relationships are the key to our success, both in the cultivation of our candidates and clients. As a trusted partner, we ensure a mutually beneficial partnership where our candidate is the best fit for the job and your job is the best fit for the candidate. The Dana Company prides itself on thoroughly conducting searches and finding top notch talent for the needs of our clients.

Our Process


We develop a specific plan and target a layout for every search we are hired to conduct. We network, source and scout to uncover potential candidates.

Engaging Phase

Once we have identified viable candidates, we interview, screen and evaluate their skill sets on an individualized basis.

  • We present the goals, description and expectations of the position
  • We conduct hands on assemssment of their skill set through pre-screeening assessments
  • We select candidates who match and/or exceed the expectations of the potential employer
  • Presenting the Candidates: top candidates are referred for review
  • After mutual consent to proceed, an on site interview is arranged and conducted

The Closing

We debrief candidates and/or clients for feedback and provide our expert advice and counsel.

  • Salary and benefits negotiated
  • Encourage, consult and assist to meet the candidates needs

The Relationship

We maintain contact with our clients and candidates to ensure that the established goals and expectations are met.

The Dana Company recruiters stay in close contact with our candidates and clients. Follow up is conducted after positionning, and becomes a professional relationship between both client and candidate.